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Dr. Margie Roberts

Dr. Margie Roberts


Margie Roberts

Dr. Margie Roberts is a wife, mother, grandmother, apostolic pastor, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Kingdom Makers Ministries; an organization that mentors and empowers women to live a Kingdom Purpose Life. Dr. Margie has been a pastor for over 10 years and God has released a spirit of excellence upon her as a transformational leader. She was ordained in 2004 as a Pastor, at Full Gospel Christian Assembly by Senior Pastor Ronald Wilson; where she helped build and develop the youth ministry. Dr. Margie also matriculated Olivet Nazarene University, Governors State University, and Worldwide Ministry International (W.W.M.I) Bible Institute and Seminary obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, a Peace Circle Facilitator Certification and a Doctorate of Divinity.

God has also blessed Dr. Margie with the gifts of entrepreneurship, hospitality, writing, and speaking. In 2005, Dr. Margie started a Catering Service called Royal Palace Services, that provided meals to the local community. She is passionate about raising the consciousness of those in leadership and the community specializing in restorative practices; providing hospitality is one of those ways and reaching beyond the pulpit. That process includes her partnering with those that engage in medical missions, food relief, and resourceful employment training. As a Peace Circle Facilitator, Dr. Margie focuses on three Restorative Justice areas: Restoration of the family, Conquering Giants for children, and lastly, Leadership. The Peace Circle Program is used as a tool for reconciliation with others. The program cultivates a climate of mutual respect and caring that is value-oriented, heart-based, and engages the emotions as well as the mind. The Peace Circle program is inclusive in content, designed to allow space for all dimensions of human life, including the spiritual values and traditions of the participants.

 Dr. Margie is also the proud publisher of five books: Grandma Used to Cook Like This, Seven Keys to Becoming a Kingdom Maker, and the Denial Not Daniel Fast Series; which includes three books. Dr. Margie has a voice that needs to be heard, as a speaker that gives spiritual and natural insights into everyday situations. She uses the gifts God has given her and the skills she has acquired over the years to empower individuals to activate their purpose and maximize potential.



 In 2008 Dr. Margie along with her husband, Dr. Aaron Roberts founded Kingdom Build International Ministries (K.B.I.M), where they are the senior Pastors;  their motto is “Reaching the Lost at Any Cost”. Kingdom Builders International Ministries is governed by biblical principles operating in the spirit of serving and excellence. Drs. Margie and Aaron are dedicated to teaching and leading people to the Lord, by the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are committed to praying, edifying, and building up the Kingdom of God.  As part of this process, they offer K.B.I.M Development outreach services to other churches, they teach associate pastors, train and reproduce ministers of God to embrace the fivefold ministry and the relevance of the new and the old testament.

In 2010, Dr. Margie started the Kingdom Makers Ministries organization as another form of outreach. It began as just a conference that honored and recognized women leaders in the Body of Christ and community for Mother's Day. However, it grew into a ministry that mentors and empowers women to live a life of purpose and accountability.  It was during the conference where Dr. Margie and other female speakers would inspire women to rise and walk in their Kingdom mandate. The organization has had three conferences: One Night with the King, 7 Keys to Becoming a Kingdom Maker and Walking in Kingdom Abundance. Kingdom Makers Ministry continues to accomplish this mission through events, workshops, conferences, books and other inspirational products. Today Dr. Margie Roberts continues to preach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, offer K.B.I.M Development outreach services to other churches, manage Kingdom Makers Ministries, write and grow her hospitality business as a Kingdom entrepreneur.

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