Frequently asked questions

How Do I Hire a Student on the Site?

Hiring a student is very simple! Just follow the steps listed below!:

  1. Log into your Backyard Gig account. If you don’t have one, you can create one by clicking “Sign Up.”
  2. Click on the “Find/Post a Gig” tab to go to the different task categories.
  3. Find your task category and click “Start a Discussion.”
  4. Type your task out! Make sure to include important details such as what the task is, how far you live from the University of Delaware campus and how much you are willing to pay for the task.
  5. Submit your post and soon a student will enquire about the task!

What Kind of Tasks Can I Get Done on Backyard Gig?

Backyard Gig was made so that anyone with any type of task can get theirs done! Currently we have the following categories: General Labor, Find Volunteers, Tutoring/School Help, Work Inside the House, Web/Info Design, Photography, Childcare, Petcare, Event Help and Misc. If you have questions about what category your task would fall under, please feel free to ask our admin using the chat feature on our website!

How Can I Trust the Student I Hire?

We go through a thorough review process which ensures that the students using the site are hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. This is so that you can live stress-free and allow them to do your tasks easily and safely! Also, all students are required to sign up with their UDEL emails, ensuring they are students of the University of Delaware.

What Method of Payment Do I Use to Pay the Student?

Currently our site does not have the functionality for online payment so currently you will have to pay the student directly when you meet him. That being said, we are currently in development of the necessary functionalities for online payment. Stay tuned!

Can I Hire More Than One Student?

That is correct! When creating the task’s description, you can certainly add that you would like more than one student to do the tasks such as saying that you require 2 or 3 students for the task. This way, students will know that they can ask their friend or someone they know to help them complete the task, as long as they are trustworthy and reliable.

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