Dr.Margie Roberts


Pastor Margie is anointed and has a passion to teach, train and impart love to the body of Christ. A woman of strong prophetic intercession, God has released a Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Excellence in Hospitality, and Mentoring Women. Pastor Margie Roberts has been an Ordained Pastor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 10 years. She is a devoted wife to Pastor Aaron and together they have 5 beautiful children: Eduardo, Chazz, Crystina, Jeremiah and Jaylen along with a legacy of 4 adorable grandchildren Landyn, Essence, David, and Princeton.


Margie has a passion to cook and has owned a Catering Service called Royal Palace Services, that has fed many nationalities of the world.  She is the proud publisher of “Grandma Used to Cook Like This” and has recently released her second book, “Seven Keys to Becoming a Kingdom Maker”.


Margie began Kingdom Makers in 2010 by honoring Women on Mother’s Day. She began to recognize 5 Women of Grace that where effective Leaders in their Community and Church, who encouraged others to live a life of accountability and purpose.


Since, that time Margie has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and just recently a Doctorate in Divinity. She now has a for Profit-Organization where she can exercise her gift of Transforming Leaders for today’s society. She has a voice that needs to be heard in this hour that is focused on impartation, giving back to the community and restoring families. She raises consciousness to those in Leadership and the community specializing in Restorative Justice practices.


Margie received her certification as a Peace Circle Facilitator in August of 2013 from Governors State University.  Conflict Resolution Circles seek to cultivate a climate of mutual respect and caring that is value-oriented, heart-based, and engages the emotions as well as the mind. Circles are inclusive in content, designed to allow space for all dimensions of human life, including the spiritual values and traditions of the participants.

Peace Circles are fundamentally for any individual seeking to be empowered and challenged to take ownership of their personal lives. Allowing equal space for all participants to speak and have a voice in decision making. Circles engage in all aspects of human experience- spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. There are 3 Restorative Justice programs Margie Facilitates one is Restoration of the family, 2nd Conquering Giants for children, and lastly, Leadership.  Margie has taught Circles that has been a tool for reconciliation for oneself and others.



Grow to a level of maturity that allows you to produce fruit in every area of life. Overtake the fear, rejection, bitterness, hurt,doubt, generational curses and insecurities


Give a new generation an old-school flavor that will revitalize your taste buds and leave you panting for more.

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